Life Care Planning

A New Approach to Tackling the Challenges Faced by the Elderly and the Disabled

Life Care Planning is a holistic, client-centered approach to the practice of law that helps families respond to every challenge caused by chronic illness or disability of an elderly or disabled loved one. The goal of Life Care Planning is to promote and maintain the good health, safety, well-being, and quality of life of frail elders and special needs loved ones, as well as their families. The client and family get access to a wider variety of options for care as well as knowledgeable guidance from a team of compassionate advisors who help them make the right choices about every aspect of their loved one’s well-being.

Sandoval Legacy Group, A Professional Law Corporation, as one of only two life care planning law firms in the Inland Empire, uses an inter-disciplinary team that works to assess present and potential future care needs, locate appropriate care providers, and ensure that the care being provided is the highest quality for what is being paid. This approach relies less on crisis-oriented transactions and more on the development of on-going life-long relationships with families.

The heart of the elder-centered law practice, a Life Care Plan, defines, organizes, prioritizes, and mobilizes every aspect of the elder’s or special needs person’s care. In addition to traditional asset-focused elder law services such as estate planning, asset preservation, and public benefits qualification, a Life Care Plan typically includes provisions for care coordination, family education, health care and financial decision-making, care advocacy, crisis intervention, support and other services. Every Life Care Plan is designed to achieve three primary objectives:

  • Make sure the senior or special needs loved one gets appropriate care, whether at home or in a facility, and to maintain the quality of life that he or she desires.
  • Locate public and private sources to help pay for long-term care while resolving issues created by the high cost of such care.
  • Offer peace of mind that results when the right choices are made to ensure loved ones are safe and getting the kind of care they desire while also preserving family resources.

The attorneys, legal staff and care coordinators who work for Sandoval Legacy Group, A Professional Law Corporation, use a model called the Elder Care Continuum to help families understand the natural progression of aging and its impact on a loved one’s health, mobility, housing, and financial resources. AT your initial meeting we will determine where your loved one is on each line of the Elder Care Continuum. Gaps in care can then be identified and solutions discussed for closing those gaps. When your customized Life Care Plan is developed, it will define, organize, prioritize, and mobilize every aspect of your elder or special needs loved one’s care, to allow him or her to maintain the quality of life that he or she desires and deserves.