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Life Care Planning – What Is It and Who Needs It?

As our law firm enters its seventh year as the premier Life Care Planning Law Firm in the Inland Empire, many consumers remain uncertain as to exactly what Life Care Planning is and how we can assist them.

Life Care Planning is a Family Affair

Whether your loved one is a parent or spouse or special needs loved one . . . whether you live with your loved one, around the corner, in the next town or across the country . . . dealing with an aged or disabled loved one cause many sleepless nights.

kid-handsThe experienced, supportive and knowledgeable attorneys, care coordinators and support staff at Sandoval Legacy Group, A Professional Law Corporation realize that most people are caught up in today’s hectic pace of living and cannot spend endless hours researching answers to the questions regarding care of an elderly or disabled loved one.

Our job at Sandoval Legacy Group, A Professional Law Corporation, is to provide you with the answers that you need, relieve your anxiety and ultimately offer you peace of mind. Through the process of Life Care Planning we establish a relationship that assures life-long quality care for the elderly or special needs family member.

To assure the greatest success, we involve all interested family members so that they better understand where the loved one is within the continuum of care analysis. Although we encourage the family to be involved in the process, the senior or disabled person is the firm’s client and that person’s quality of life and wellbeing is our paramount concern.

What is a Life Care Plan?

Life Care Planning is a process whereby the legal, healthcare, social and psychological needs of a frail elder or special needs person are assessed and a plan is developed to meet those needs in an economical fashion that protects and preserves the income and assets of the person to the greatest extent possible. The elements of a Life Care Plan include the assessment of the immediate, mid-term and long-term care needs of the person, followed by the development of a plan to provide the type of assistance the person will need during the various time frames and then determine how to most efficiently pay for that assistance.

A Life Care Plan combines in a single convenient package the elements of protecting and preserving the income and assets of the elder or disabled individual with the assessment and coordination of the care needs for the individual. Our law firm takes a holistic, interdisciplinary team approach in developing these plans – our attorneys, care coordinator and support staff consult with other legal professionals, health care professionals, financial professionals, durable medical equipment providers, insurance company personnel, employees of various government and charitable organizations, professional care providers and family members in order to determine, obtain and pay for the kind of care our clients deserve. A Life Care Plan answers all the tough questions about your loved one’s long-term care, now and in the future. It’s the ultimate protection for elders and their families.

With a Life Care Plan, the client gets the right care sooner, maximum independence for as long as possible, and the ability to age with dignity. Families get help finding the right care and services; guidance with legal, health care and long-term care decisions as the elder’s condition progresses; and security because the other family members provided for. Like a traditional estate plan, a Life Care Plan includes the legal protection needed to safeguard assets, honor your loved one’s wishes and provide for family members. But it doesn’t stop there. A Life Care Plan diagrams how your loved one’s long-term care, financial, physical and psychological needs will be met. It is a roadmap for total legal care with two simple goals: (1) to maximize your loved one’s quality of life–until the end of life and (2) preserving wealth for your family’s future.

With a Life Care Plan, you never have to wonder if you’re doing everything you can for your loved one. The team at Sandoval Legacy Group, A Professional Law Corporation surrounds you with the resources, support, and guidance you need to make decisions with confidence. You are never alone! Our team has years of experience guiding families through situations similar the one you may be facing now. We have access to the resources you will need to protect your loved one’s quality of life.

Who Needs A Life Care Plan?

father-sonIf you have an elderly or special need loved one whose care you are concerned about, your family is a candidate for a Life Care Plan. Whether you have an immediate crisis or you are planning for the future of your loved one, your family could benefit from having a Life Care Plan in place. Still not sure if you need a Life Care Plan? Call our office at 951-787-7711 or click here to schedule a free, one-hour initial life care planning consultation.

When you schedule your free consultation, you will be sent a package of information questionnaires for you to complete and bring with you to the first meeting. Having this information available for the attorney you will be meeting with will make your free consultation much more productive. These questionnaires requests information about your elder or special needs loved one, his or her health, physical condition and needs, and questions regarding the other members of the family. The questionnaires also requests information about your elder or special needs loved one’s finances.

Veteran’s Aid and Attendance

veteransLooking for extra funds to help pay for caregiving services in your home, in an assisted living facility or in a nursing home? Are you a veteran, spouse of a veteran or widow of a veteran that served during a time of war? If so, you may qualify for an under-utilized and much misunderstood benefit for veterans. This program will pay you as much as nearly $2,000 per month to assist with caregiver expenses. This benefit is sometimes referred to Veteran’s Aid and Attendance, Improved Pension or Enhanced Pension. A similar, but slightly different benefit is known as a Housebound Pension. The funds provided by these benefit program for veterans are often the difference between being able to afford to keep a frail elder at home and having to transfer them to a skilled nursing facility.

Our law firm has put together an information booklet, Veteran’s Aid and Attendance: A Nuts and Bolts Guide, which explains the types of services paid for by this program as well as the service and financial qualifications you must meet in order to qualify for this valuable benefit. To receive a free copy of our Nuts and Bolts Guide, click here, or if you prefer, call our office at 951-787-7711 and ask us to send you a free copy our Veteran’s Guidebook. If you prefer, you can also schedule a complimentary telephone call or personal meeting with one of our attorneys to see if you might qualify for this valuable benefit, and if you don’t, what planning techniques might be available to help you qualify.

Dennis Sandoval and associate attorney Pamela Valencia are both accredited to represent veterans and their spouses before the Veteran’s Administration.

Watch Caring for Your Parents film by PBS

aging-parentHe Cared for You … Now It Is Your Turn. PBS put together a full length informative video documentary about caring for aging parents. As the population ages, many adult children are grappling with an unprecedented social, cultural, economic, and personal revolution as they transition into the primary caregiver role for their aging parents. Produced, written, and directed by award-winning filmmaker Michael Kirk, Caring for Your Parents is a moving two-hour special that draws much-needed attention to this universal reality. The website also contains many links to additional resources and discussion groups. We recommend watching this video here.

Listen to Caregiver’s Corner, our Weekend Radio Show on KTIE, the Talk of the Inland Empire

news-talkListen on Saturdays at 1:30 pm to Dennis and co-host, Certified Financial Planner Randy Barkley, as they broadcast our new radio show, Caregivers Corner, on KTIE, am 590. Dennis and Randy will be discussing life care planning, caregiving options, and eligibility requirements for government assistance programs. Many of the shows will be hosted by some of the finest Assisted Living Facilities and Skilled Nursing Facilities in the Inland Empire. Be sure to check this website frequently should you like to come and meet Dennis and Randy and participate in the content of the radio shows.

Life Care Planning Law Firms Association Charter Membership

life-care-associateFive years ago, our law firm was admitted as a charter member of the Life Care Planning Law Firms Association, a nationwide membership organization of law firms promoting the idea of holistic planning for seniors by a team of legal, health care and financial professionals working together for the benefit of the senior. Our law firm is one of less than dozen law firms in California with a Care Coordinator on staff. Our Care Coordinators work exhaustively to secure the highest of care for our frail elderly and disabled clients. With the growing population of frail elderly and families needing advice regarding in-home care, assisted living and skilled nursing homes, life care planning is a growing area of the law.

Dennis is Elected Vice President of Life Care Planning Law Firms Association

We are very proud to announce that Dennis has been elected as the Vice President of the Life Care Planning Law Firms Association for the 2010 / 2011 term. This puts Dennis on track to assume the Presidency of the organization during the 2012 /2013 term.

Pamela Valencia Receives Estate Planning Specialist Designation

california-legal-boardThe law firm is pleased to announce that our associate attorney, Pamela Y. Valencia, has been designated a Certified Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Law Specialist by the California Bar Board of Legal Specialization. This designation demonstrates Pamela’s specialized knowledge and experience in estate planning, probate, conservatorship, trust administration and litigation involving Wills and trusts. Dennis M. Sandoval is proud that his law firm is one of very few law firms in the Inland Empire with two attorneys certified as specialists in estate planning.

Law Firm to Host Sixth Annual Inland Empire Caregivers Symposium

We are proud to announce that we will once again be sponsoring the Inland Empire Caregiver’s Symposium. This will be our sixth annual event. The Inland Empire Caregiver’s Symposium has been touted by its attendees and the best educational event for health care professionals that work with the frail elderly and the disabled. The seminar provides seven hours of CE education for registered nurses, licensed clinical social workers, marriage and family therapists, RCFE administrators and nursing home administrators. The Sixth Annual Inland Empire Caregivers Symposium will be held at California Baptist University on April 1, 2011. Keep checking this website for the agenda and registration information.


Click here to learn more about and register for the Life Care Planning and other informative seminars being sponsored by our law firm.

Free Brochures

brochuresClick here for a copy of our brochure, Consider a Life Care Plan: The Ultimate Protection for Elders and Their Families.

We also have two free booklets that will be of interest to those with loved ones in or about to go into nursing homes:

  • Inland Empire Nursing Home Guide
  • Nursing Home Consumer’s Guide

We’ll mail you a copy if you click here.

Dennis Finishes Term on NAELA Board of Directors

naelaDennis has finished term on the Board of Directors of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys. The National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys is the premier membership organization for attorneys specializing in elder law.

Dennis is Re-Elected to Second Term on NELF Board of Directors

nelfDennis has been re-elected to a second term on the Board of Directors of the National Elder Law Foundation. The National Elder Law Foundation is the non-profit organization that administers the Certified Elder Law Attorney (“CELA”) designation. The CELA is the ultimate specialization designation for an attorney who wants to demonstrate his expertise in legal issues affecting seniors and disabled individuals. Dennis’ term will run from 2010 – 2012.

Dennis Finishes Term as President of Southern California NAELA Chapter – Pamela Assumes Leadership Role

naelaDennis has finished his term as the president of the Southern California Chapter of the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys. Pamela Valencia is following in Dennis’ steps and is serving as Secretary of the Southern California Chapter of NAELA for the 2010 / 2011 term.

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